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Warning: This information applies to "Entisoft Units" not "Entisoft Tools". See the Application Class for information about Entisoft Tools.
Ordering Advantages--Technical Support: Registered users receive technical support via telephone, E-Mail, or Fax. Registered users can also download minor program revisions directly from our bulletin board.
Ordering Advantages--Additional Versions and Data: The Registered version of Entisoft Units contains a Microsoft Project version as well a supplemental data file containing several types of physical constants and other definitions.
Ordering Advantages--Source Code: The registered/commercial package includes the Visual Basic source code for the Visual Basic stand-alone program, the Access and Excel Add-Ins, and the Project library versions of the program. You cannot distribute any of the source code or the source code documentation, but you CAN distribute the conversion functions compiled into your own Visual Basic projects and Excel Add-Ins, and you CAN distribute the conversion functions in "secured" or "run-time" versions of your Access projects. The source code is well documented, and it also contains several generally-useful functions that you can use within your Microsoft Office projects.
Pricing: Entisoft Units is priced at $39.95 for the single-user version, which includes the program and its source code. Site licensing and academic discounts are available; call for information. Please call for additional information about this product and our other Microsoft Office-compatible libraries.
CompuServe Orders: GO SWREG and use SWREG #6972 to register Entisoft Units directly on the CompuServe Information Service. You will receive the Registered version of Entisoft Units via Regular Mail or you will be able to download it from our Bulletin Board System.
Credit Card Orders: We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit card orders via voice, fax, and Internet Mail:
       Voice: 1-310-472-3736 or 1-310-472-3736
       Internet Mail: sales@entisoft.com
       Fax: 1-310-479-7948
Mail Orders: We accept mail orders with credit card or check payments at the following address:
       10933 Wellworth Ave., Suite 13
       Los Angeles, CA 90024-6289
Express Delivery: Express delivery service is available. Express delivery service is via Federal Express next-day-morning delivery for all orders placed before 1 P.M. Pacific Time.
Electronic Delivery: Electronic delivery service is available. In this form of delivery, you call our bulletin board system and download the latest version of the software. You can also call our bulletin board in the future to download program updates and other related files.
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