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Update Function
Symbol Table Class

Public Function Update( _
      ByVal vName As Variant _
    , ByVal vValue As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vCompare As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Update the Value of the Symbol Table definition identified by Name.
Function returns True if the Name was found and the Value was updated.
Function returns False otherwise.

       Dim stTemp As New SymbolTable
       stTemp.Add "FunctionName", 23
    for example
       stTemp.Update("FunctionName", 24) = True
       stTemp.Update("PropertyName", 25) = False
See also:
    AddOrUpdate Subroutine
    Add Subroutine
    Lookup Function
    Remove Function
vName: The string or numeric identifier whose Value will be updated to vValue.
vValue: New Value that will be associated with the Name vName if that name already exists within the Symbol Table. vValue can be any type of Variant value (vbString, numeric, vbDate, vbObject, vbArray, etc.).
vCompare: Specifies the type of string comparison used to determine if Names match. vCompare defaults to the value of the Compare Property if it is missing.
v2.0 Change: Changed the vCompare argument so that it can no longer be Null or non-numeric. It is still Optional though, so it can be missing.
Performance: This function can be inefficient because it scans the Symbol Table from end to beginning looking for the spefied Name.
v1.3 Changes: This Function has been fixed to support the storage of Object and DataObject type Values.

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