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Prefix Send Keys Meta Characters Function
String Extras Class

Public Function PrefixSendKeysMetaCharacters( _
    ByVal vSendKeys As Variant _
    ) As String

Fixes-up a string literal so that none of the characters within it will have unintended special meanings when used with the Visual Basic SendKeys statement.

    PrefixSendKeysMetaCharacters("Reg. Text") = "Reg. Text"
    PrefixSendKeysMetaCharacters("Press {Del}") = "Press {{}Del{}}"
See also:
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    SendKeys Statement (Visual Basic)
Note: Any characters such as braces ({) within string vSendKeys will be prefixed so that the SendKeys statement does not interpret them as part of some special keyboard character. For example, SendKeys would normally interpret the string "{Del}" as a request to send the {Del} key. This function turns such a string into a request to send five separate characters.
vSendKeys: String containing characters which should be sent literally by the SendKeys statement. vSendKeys defaults to an empty string if it is Null or cannot be fixed up to a String.

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