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Pop Multi Function
Stack Class

Public Function PopMulti( _
    ParamArray rValues() As Variant _
    ) As Integer

Pop one or more values off the top of the stack.
Values are popped off the stack are assigned to the arguments from left-to-right.
The top of the stack is assigned to the leftmost argument.

       Dim intCount As Integer
       Dim varOne As Variant
       Dim varTwo As Variant
       stkTemp.StringView() = "(Top) 4444, 333, 22, 1 (Bottom)"
    for example
       intCount = stkTemp.PopMulti(varOne, varTwo)
       intCount = 2
       varOne = 4444
       varTwo = 333
       stkTemp.StringView() = "(Top) 22, 1 (Bottom)"
See also:
    Pop Function
    Drop Function
    RemoveAll Subroutine
    PushMulti Subroutine
rValues: One or more arguments that will receive the values popped off the stack. The arguments can be any type of Variant value (vbString, numeric, vbDate, vbObject, vbArray, etc.) as long as they are compatible with the type of value being assigned into them.
Return value: Function returns the number of values that were popped off the stack.
Note: If you use the PushMulti subroutine to push multiple values onto the stack, then the arguments must be reversed if you use the PopMulti function to retrieve those values.
Note: Use the Pop function instead of this function when you only need to pop one value off the stack.
v1.3 BugFix: This Function has been fixed to support the retrieval of Object and DataObject type Values.

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