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Pick Function
Stack Class

Public Function Pick( _
      ByVal vNthElem As Long _
    ) As Boolean

Pushes a copy of the Nth element from the top of the stack.
Function returns True upon success and False upon failure.

       stkTemp.StringView() = "(Top) 4444, 333, 22, 1 (Bottom)"
    for example
       stkTemp.Pick(2) = True
       stkTemp.StringView() = "(Top) 333, 4444, 333, 22, 1 (Bottom)"
See also:
    Duplicate Function
    Over Function
    Push Function
vElement: Number of the item whose value should pushed onto the top of the stack. vElement must be between 1 and Count otherwise this function does nothing and returns False.
v1.3 BugFix: This Function has been fixed to support the storage of Object and DataObject type Values.

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