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Spell Direction Function
Spellings Class

Public Function SpellDirection( _
    ByVal vDirection As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Spell the direction represented by a compass abbreviation such as "W" or "NE" or "SSE".

    SpellDirection("W") = "West"
    SpellDirection("NE") = "North-east"
    SpellDirection("SSW") = "South-south-west"
See also:
    DegreesToDirection Function
    DirectionToDegrees Function
vDirection: String containing an abbreviation for one of the 16 possible compass directions. Function returns Null if vDirection is Null of cannot be fixed up to a String. These are the well-formed directions accepted by this function: E, ENE, ESE, N, NE, NNE, NNW, NW, S, SE, SSE, SSW, SW, W, WNW, and WSW.
Note: This function will also accept ill-formed direction abbreviations such as "NS" and "EEW".

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