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Declarations Section
Math Trig Complex Class

These functions perform trigonometric operations on real (and in some cases, complex) numbers.
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See also:
    MathTrigDerived Class
    MathComplex Class
       Absolute Function, et. al.
    MathReals Class
       Deg Property, et. al.
BIG IMPORTANT Warning: The "Arc" trigonometric functions have not been fully tested at their bounds with complex numbers. We would not suggest using them with complex numbers until we can more thoroughly test these functions.
Note: Some of these functions would more properly be classified as relating to Algrbra, but there were too many Algebra-related functions to store them all in a single Class, so we organized them into the MathReals, MathComplex, MathTrigComplex, MathTrigDerived, and MathArithmetic Classes.
v1.5 Change: Split the MathTrigonometry Class into two separate Classes: the MathTrigComplex Class for trig. functions that operate on real and/or complex numbers, and the MathTrigDerived Class for the trig. functions that operate on real numbers only.

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