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ATAN Function
Math Trig Complex Class

Public Function ATAN( _
    ByVal vX As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Inverse Tangent" or "Arctangent"
Angle whose tangent is X.
Inverse of the Tangent function.

    ATan(-0.5) = -0.463647609000806
    ATan(0) = 0
    ATan(0.5) = 0.463647609000806
    ATan(1) = 0.785398163397448
    ATan(1.5) = 0.982793723247329
    ATan(2) = 1.10714871779409
    ATan(2.5) = 1.19028994968253
    ATan(3) = 1.24904577239825
    ATan(3.5) = 1.29249666778979
    ATan("2.3|-4.5") = "1.4781469556746|-0.176543708945617"
See also:
    Tangent Function
    ASin Function
    ACos Function
    ATanH Function
    Atn Function (Visual Basic)
vX: Function returns the principal value of the angle whose tangent (expressed in radians) is vX. Function returns Null if vX is Null or cannot be fixed up to a real or complex number (as defined by the ComplexStringToReals function). Complex numbers are represented within strings as "R|I" where R is the real part and I is the imaginary part.

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