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Illustrate Keys Function
Illustrate Values Class

Public Function IllustrateKeys( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Illustrates the non-printable characters within a string using their keystrokes.
Control characters prefixed with "^" (caret stands for the Ctrl key).
Other non-printable characters converted to "%" followed by decimal code (percent stands for the Alt key).
"\", "^", and "%" prefixed with a backslash.

    IllustrateKeys(Chr$(1) + Chr$(2)) = "^A^B"
    IllustrateKeys(Chr$(254) + Chr$(255)) = "%254%255"
    IllustrateKeys("Line1" + vbCrLf) = "Line1^M^J"
    IllustrateKeys("\^%") = "\\\^\%"
See also:
    IllustrateDebugString Function
    IllustrateValue Function
vValue: The string of characters to be illustrated. Function returns Null if vValue is Null or cannot be fixed up to a String.

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