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Fix Up Variant To Decimal Mand Sub Sub
Fix Ups Class

Public Sub FixUpVariantToDecimalMandSub( _
      ByRef rArgument As Variant _
    , ByVal vDefault As Variant _

"Fix Up Variant To Decimal Mandatory Subroutine"
Convert numeric, date/time, numeric string, and date/time string Variant values to the Decimal data type.
Assign the default value vDefault to the argument rArgument if conversion is not possible.

See also:
    FixUpVariantToDecimalMaybeSub Subroutine
    FixUpVariantToDecimalMandFn Function
rArgument: The argument which is changed to a Decimal value, if possible. Subroutine assigns the default vDefault to rArgument if conversion was not possible, such as when the rArgument is out-of-range, missing, Null, an error, a pointer, or a non-numeric string.
Note: rArgument is a passed by reference, so the variable passed from the calling function will likely be modified.
vDefault: The default value which is assigned to rArgument when conversion is not possible.
Note: The default value can be a data type other than Decimal as long as it is compatible with the variable passed via rArgument.
v1.5 Addition: This function is new to version 1.5 of Entisoft Tools.

Copyright 1996-1999 Entisoft
Entisoft Tools is a trademark of Entisoft.