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Arguments To Variant Function
Fix Ups Class

Public Function ArgumentsToVariant( _
    ParamArray vArgs() As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Places each of the arguments into an element of a Variant array, then returns that array inside a variant.

       Dim varArray As Variant
    for example
       varArray = ArgumentsToVariant(12, 34, 56, "Word")
       LBound(varArray) = 0
       UBound(varArray) = 3
       varArray(0) = 12
       varArray(1) = 34
       varArray(2) = 56
       varArray(3) = "Word"
See also:
    StringToVariantVector Function
    CVarIgnErr Function
    NOP Subroutine
    CVar Function (Visual Basic)
vArgs: One or values of any type. Each of the arguments will become one of the elements of an array that is returned by the function.

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