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Remove Head Multi Function
Deque Class

Public Function RemoveHeadMulti( _
    ParamArray rValues() As Variant _
    ) As Integer

Deletes one or more values at the head of a deque and returns them via the arguments.
Pops values off of the stack when a deque is being used as a stack.
Get values out of the queue when a deque is being used as a queue.

Example #1:
       Dim dqTemp As New Deque
       dqTemp.AddHead 12
       dqTemp.AddHead "Sam"
       Dim varTemp1 As Variant
       Dim varTemp2 As Variant
       Dim intCount As Integer
    for example
       intCount = dqTemp.RemoveHead(varTemp1, varTemp2)
       intCount = 2
       varTemp1 = "Sam"
       varTemp2 = 12
See also:
    RemoveHead Function
rValues: Values at the head of the Deque are assigned into these arguments. Arguments must be compatible with the corresponding values that are being retrieved from the Deque.
Return Value: Function returns the number of values removed from the Deque.
v1.3 Addition: This Function is a new addition to this version of Entisoft Tools.

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