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First Weekday Of Month Function
Dates Times Class

Public Function FirstWeekdayOfMonth( _
      ByVal vYear As Variant _
    , ByVal vMonth As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Returns the first weekday of the month, with the weekdays considered Monday through Friday.
Same as FirstBusinessDayOfMonth, but accepts arguments differently.

    FirstWeekdayOfMonth(1996, 4) = #4/1/96#
    FirstWeekdayOfMonth(1996, 5) = #5/1/96#
    FirstWeekdayOfMonth(1996, 6) = #6/3/96#
    FirstWeekdayOfMonth(1996, 7) = #7/1/96#
See also:
    FirstBusinessDayOfMonth Function
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    NextWeekday Function
    FirstDayOfWeekInMonth Function
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    FirstDayOfPeriod Function
vYear: Must use the full four-digit year; cannot use 96, for example, to mean 1996. Function returns Null if vYear is Null or cannot be interpreted as an integer number.
vMonth: Month in the year vYear whose first weekday is returned. Function returns Null if vMonth is Null or cannot be interpreted as an integer number.
v2.0 Addition: This function is new to this version of Entisoft Tools.

Copyright 1996-1999 Entisoft
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