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Easter Function
Dates Times Class

Public Function Easter( _
    ByVal vYear As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Returns the day on which the Christian religious holiday Easter occurs given the year.

    Easter(1998) = #4/12/1998#
    Easter(1999) = #4/4/1999#
    Easter(2000) = #4/23/2000#
    Easter(2001) = #4/15/2001#
    Easter(#1/1/2001#) = "4/15/2001#
vYear: The date or year number which whose Easter day is to be returned. Function examines the year component of the date if vYear is a date value. Function interprets numeric values as years instead of interpreting them as a date. Function returns Null if vYear is Null or cannot be fixed up to either a date or a number.
v2.0 Addition: This function is new to this version of Entisoft Tools.

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