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Date Time Sorted String Function
Dates Times Class

Public Function DateTimeSortedString( _
    ByVal vDateTime As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"Date And Time To Sorted String"
Convert a date/time value into a numeric string which can be used to sort the date into chronological order.
Components of the date and time are ordered from the most significant (the year) to the least significant (the second).

    DateTimeSortedString(#02/03/1987 04:05:06#) = "19870203040506"
    DateTimeSortedString(#12/31/2101 12:59:48#) = "21011231125948"
    DateTimeSortedString(#11:59:48#) = "18991230115948"
    DateTimeSortedString(#12/31/1845#) = "18451231000000"
See also:
    DateTimeTo8CharString Function
Return value: The return value is composed of:
    1) the four-digit year (0100..9999)
    2) the month (00..12)
    3) the day (01..31)
    4) the hour (00..23)
    5) the minutes (00..59)
    6) the seconds (00..59)
vDateTime: The date/time value which is returned as a numeric string. Function returns Null if vDateTime is Null or cannot be fixed up to a Date.

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