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Is On Function
Comparisons Class

Public Function IsOn( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Return True if the argument vValue is "On".

    IsOn(23) = True
    IsOn(0) = False
    IsOn("Hello.") = False
    IsOn("True") = True
    IsOn("False") = False
    IsOn("1") = True
See also:
    IsOff Function
    IsTrue Function
    IsFalse Function
vValue: Value which is checked to see if it is True. If vValue is numeric, return True if it is NON-zero. If vValue is a string, return True if it equals "on", "true", "yes", "1", or "+". Function returns False otherwise.
Note: This is the opposite of the IsFalse function.
Note: This is the same as the IsTrue function.

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