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To Upper Function
Character Types Class

Public Function ToUpper( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Variant

"To Upper Case"
Convert a character or a string to its upper-case equivalent; non-alphabetic characters remain unchanged.

    ToUpper("ABC abc 123 !@#") = "ABC ABC 123 !@#"
    ToUpper(Asc("a")) = ToUpper(97) = Asc("A") = 65
    ToUpper(Asc("A")) = ToUpper(65) = Asc("A") = 65
See also:
    ToLower Function
    SwapUpperAndLowerCase Function
    UCase Function (Visual Basic)
Note: Function only works for characters in the ANSI Windows character set because it uses the built-in Visual Basic UCase$() function.

vValue: The character or string which is to be converted to "upper-case." Note: Special argument fix-up code.

If vValue is numeric (and not a numeric string), then function returns the ASCII value of the upper-case equivalent of the character with ASCII value vValue.

If vValue is a string, then function uses the Visual Basic UCase() function to convert it to lower-case.

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