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Is Vowel Function
Character Types Class

Public Function IsVowel( _
    ByVal vCharCode As Integer _
    ) As Boolean

Return True if the character with ASCII value vCharCode is a vowel.
Within the pre-programmed definitions for the ANSI Windows character set, the characters A, E, I, O, U, a, e, i, o, u, and their accented foreign-language equivalents to be vowels.

    IsVowel(Asc("A")) = True
    IsVowel(Asc("B")) = False
See also:
    IsConsonant Function
    IsAlpha Function
vCharCode: ASCII value of a character which is checked to determine if it is a vowel.
Note: Function will generate a runtime error if vCharCode is < 0 (less than zero). Function will return False if vCharCode is > (greater than) 255.

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