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Is Cntrl Function
Character Types Class

Public Function IsCntrl( _
    ByVal vCharCode As Integer _
    ) As Boolean

"Is Character Control"
Return True if the character with ASCII value vCharCode is a control character (like Ctrl+A..Ctrl+Z).
Return False otherwise.

    IsCntrl(7) = True
    IsCntrl(Asc("7")) = False
    IsCntrl(Asc(vbLf)) = True
    IsCntrl(Asc(vbCr)) = True
See also:
    IsCarriage Function
    CharTypeCntrl Property
    CharTypeControl Property
vCharCode: Character whose ASCII value is checked to determine if it belongs to the control class.
Note: Function will generate a runtime error if vCharCode is not between 0 (zero) and 255 inclusive.

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