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Environ To Variant Vector Function
Basic Extensions Class

Public Function EnvironToVariantVector( _
    ByRef rEnviron() As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Return the DOS Environment settings (such as "TEMP=C:\TEMP") in elements 1..N of a one-dimensional dynamic array of values.

Summary: Each of the DOS Environment settings is stored in one of the elements of the dynamic array rEnviron. The dynamic array is automatically re-dimensioned so thats its upper-bound is the number of settings within the Environment. If there are no Environment settings (this is unlikely), the array will be re-dimensioned with lower AND upper bounds of 0 (zero).
       Dim avarEnv() As Variant
    for example
       EnvironToVariantVector(avarEnv()) = True
    might leave
       LBound(avarEnv) = 0
       UBound(avarEnv) = 5
       avarEnv(1) = "COMSPEC=C:\COMMAND.COM"
       avarEnv(2) = "PROMPT=$p$g"
       avarEnv(3) = "TEMP=C:\TEMP"
       avarEnv(4) = "TZ=PST8PDT"
       avarEnv(5) = "PATH=D:\WIN;D:\WIN\COMMAND;C:\DOS"
See also:
    EnvironToVariantVectorSample Subroutine
    GetDOSPath Function
    WindowsAPI Class
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rEnviron: Dynamic array of Variants into which the DOS Environment settings will be copied. The array will be re-dimensionsed as a one-dimensional array with a lower-bound of 0 (zero). The upper bound will be the number of DOS Environment settings in the array. The 0 (zero) element of the array will remain Empty and unused, so that the array can be re-dimensioned with both lower and upper bounds of 0 in case there are no DOS Environment settings. (The settings will be copied into elements 1..N of the array, but it will be dimensioned from 0..N.)
Return Value: This function always returns True.

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