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Transpose Variant Matrix Function
Array Manipulations Class

Public Function TransposeVariantMatrix( _
      ByRef rTo() As Variant _
    , ByRef vFm() As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Transposes rows and columns of a two-dimensional variant array. Elements (1..UBound, 1..UBound) are transposed. Use temporary space in case To and Fm arrays are the same.

      A, B, C, D  becomes A, E, I
      E, F, G, H          B, F, J
      I, J, K, L          C, G, K
                          D, H, L
See also:
    TransposeVariantMatrixSample Subroutine
Note: Probably not worth writing a Transpose direct, since it could only directly transpose a square matrix.

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