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Review Message Text Function
Application Class

Public Function ReviewMessageText( _
      ByVal vTitle As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vKeepMessageText As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Reviews the "Debug" window messages that have accumulated in the MessageText property as a result of calls to the AddMessage subroutine.

Summary: The messages are presented 1,024 characters at a time using Messages Boxes.
       est.AddMessage "MyProgram: Starting."
       est.AddMessage "MyProgram: Ending."
    for example
       ? est.ReviewMessageText()
       ' (One or more message boxes will appear.)
See also:
    MessageText Property
    AddMessage Subroutine
vTitle: Title to use on the message boxes. Should usually be the name of the function, module, or program that called ReviewMessageText.
vKeepMessageText: True if the reviewed message text should be left in the MessageText Property, or False if the message text should be erased after being reviewed. vKeepMessageText defaults to False if it is missing or Null or cannot be fixed-up to a number.
Note: If vKeepMessageText is False and the user presses Cancel to halt the message text review process, the MessageText will NOT be cleared.

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