Do I have to give up the use of my mouse while using the Pocket Tablet?

Absolutely not!  When Pocket Tablet™ is enabled it does not take exclusive control over your mouse.   You can use either device as the situation suites.

Does Pocket Tablet require any additional hardware or wires?

Absolutely not!  Pocket Tablet is 100% a software product.

Do I have to disable my ActiveSync or make manual updates when using Pocket Tablet?

Absolutely not!  Pocket Tablet™ runs transparently and completely harmoniously with ActiveSync and the synchronization of your Pocket PC is not altered in any way not even in continuous synchronization mode!  Pocket Tablet™ does not require any changes to your Pocket PC's configuration or to your system's registry settings, communications or databases.

I have an older model Pocket PC that uses a serial cable.   Will Pocket Tablet still work?

Absolutely!  In fact Pocket Tablet™ was designed so that it's communication  is so efficient it even works wirelessly over the Infra-red port!

Wow, this sounds really great.  Where do I get mine?

Keep checking back at our website  We'll be posting the release version shortly.