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Entisoft Tools Version 1.5 Released 8/6/99

Entisoft Tools Version 2.0 to be Announced at the Fall Comdex '99 11/15/99!

Entisoft Tools icon -- a wrenchEntisoft Tools
OLE Automation Server-based function library of over 1000 string manipulation, text processing, data storage, mathematical, and other generally-useful routines for Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Office. $99.95
Bulletin: We are happy to release Entisoft Tools version 1.5. This update is substantially easier to use than previous versions; it contains new functions, more documentation, and several other chages. Download it now and send us your feedback! Thanks again for your interest!

Entisoft Units icon -- two rulers crossedEntisoft Units
Measurement Conversion Calculator for Microsoft Windows and Function Library for Microsoft Office and Visual Basic. $39.95
Bulletin: Perform Measurement Conversions via the Internet with the Web-based version of Entisoft Units. View the updated list of measurements and new description of the Internet Version.

Entisoft Extra Icon -- a pile of booksEntisoft Extra
Gazetteer and Encyclopedia
See also the Reference Information tables which contain the important data. Free!
Bulletin: Updated and expanded version of Entisoft Extra gazetteer released. View the updated description of Entisoft Extra.

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